‘Paper-Free Day’ at Lehigh Valley Academy


To celebrate Paper-Free Day, our Fourth Graders communicated their annotations while synthesizing a first hand and a secondhand account by writing on their desks. They compared and contrasted the various accounts of Michelle Kwan’s career and achievements. These scholars tackled complex texts with such enthusiasm!

Our Fifth Grade thinkers examined the text “My Dogs and Me” and annotated in a Google Doc. They showed they were knowledgeable using Google Forms to answer questions. These paper free peers were reflective about their answers using the feedback from Google Forms and collaborative discussion.

paperless2Our sixth graders read the story “Ish” by Peter H. Reynolds during a center. They were given six questions linked to stopping points in the story. After hearing the question and rereading that part of the book, the students responded to the questions on their desks. These communicators shared in a discussion afterwards about the character trait “admirable”.

Mrs. Hemingway’s fifth grade encore students took the idea of Paper Free Day one step further. They used their math skills to collect and analyze the financial impact of the day!

Mrs. Sarah Cunningham & Ms. Steph Chimics
ES 4-6 Reading Specialists
Lehigh Valley Academy RCS