Retaking the Stage: Drama is Back!

After two long years, Lehigh Valley Academy students can perform on stage once again. This spring, LVA Junior Senior High presents The Addams Family. Director Amanda Pascale, overwhelmed with pride, has the following thoughts to share.

What a momentous occasion this is for LVA Dramatics! Not only does this performance signify the return of live theatre to LVA, this is also the first full length musical that our incredibly talented students have had an opportunity to create and perform together!

This performance is a culmination of the dedication to craft, camaraderie, and storytelling that our program has been cultivating since the start. Every educator in our performing arts departments K-12 has continued to raise the bar and offer students deeper and more meaningful experiences in creation and performance, especially through this devastating pandemic. Our band, choir, and drama students at each level, with the guidance of their talented educators, committed themselves to pushing through this time with the power of the arts behind them.

It may have appeared to have been a quiet time for Drama at LVA, but in reality our students continued to meet twice a month throughout the shutdowns, and all of 20/21, until our return to in person meetings in the fall. These students met a Broadway star, honed their crafts, and prepared three virtual performances during this time! Our first ever LVA One Act Festival was a successful experience for our students, and began a powerful tradition we intend to continue!

This musical has been an absolute joy to work on from start to finish. By the end of this performance you will be able to recognize the incredible growth our program has seen over the past 6 years. Our very own Gomez and Morticia, Seniors Mandie Perez and Zoe Miller, will be continuing the traditions of dramatic performance and education as they pursue their futures at University of the Arts and Lehigh University, respectively, in the fall. I honestly couldn’t be more proud.

I would like to thank the LVA Board of Trustees, Susan Mauser, Jenn Nonnemacher, and Shea Ace for their continued support of the Arts at LVA. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for LVA Dramatics!

Amanda Pascale
The Addams Family School Edition