LVA Celebrates Inaugural Class of the 100% Society

Many of our 4-6 building mathematicians have brighter lanyards these days as they have started collecting the limited edition pins marking their entrance into the 100% Society!  These bright badges of honor let their peers and teachers know that they have successfully earned at least three 100% scores on the iReady lessons during that month. 100 society 1The best part is that the iReady lessons are specifically chosen for each individual student to best meet his/her needs and to give each student exactly what is needed to promote growth, giving all students the opportunity to continue being strong mathematical thinkers! This brand new society originated as a fun and engaging way to motivate the students to make the best of their time spent on iReady Online Instruction, and we have seen such enthusiasm from our students.

In January, the Math Department was happy to celebrate our Inaugural Class of the 100% Society and we have continued adding to our society ever since.  Each month, in addition to the fancy invitation, the students are invited to attend an exclusive monthly event, which always has a fun theme and is filled with Minute-to-Win-It games, crafts, STEAM projects, outside time, and a super professional photo booth, complete with props to make those 100 society 2100% Society memories last! Each student also receives a limited edition monthly 100% Society Pin to wear on their lanyard that announces to LVA that they are rocking their Online Instruction.  Each month features a fresh new color, and students are urged to collect them all. We look forward to inviting more and more students into the 100% Society to celebrate their commitment and growth using the iReady program!


Mrs. Steph Comp, Ms. Mary Hartnett, & Mrs. Hannah Chami

Math Department – Elementary School

Lehigh Valley Academy